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Is Tijana Boskovic the Best Opposite in the World?

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

This weekend, Serbia claimed gold at the Women’s Volleyball World Championship after sweeping Brazil 3–0. Tijana Boskovic won the MVP title after scoring 240 points in the competition, 18 of those scored during the 3-set final. Despite claiming gold and leading her team to success, Paola Egonu still led the tournament with 275 points, followed by Magdalena Stysiak, who scored 241 points. Now one question remains, can Boskovic be considered the best opposite in the world despite not finishing at the top of the scoring list? The short answer is yes!

What sets Boskovic apart from the others?

Tijana Boskovic did not end up with more points than Egonu and Stysiak, yet she proved to be a lot more efficient attacking at a 55.58% clip. To put it into perspective, Egonu scored at a 49.39% clip. That is an impressive number to look at in the stat sheet. When referring to the opposite position, reliability is prime. She only had 49 errors in 126 attempts! She has also shown herself to be a great leader. As captain of the Serbian team, Boskovic has indicated levels of composure only seen by veterans. As seen in the final match of the World Championship, Boskovic remained a constant while not attacking a high volume of balls.

Paola Egonu still has the upper hand when discussing athleticism, given that she can touch the ball at a higher altitude. Egonu recorded a spike at 3.03 meters, while Boskovic was hitting at 3.01. Is that enough to put her above Tijana as the best opposite in the world? The answer to this question remains unclear, but one thing is undeniable. Boskovic has cemented herself as one of the best talents in the world at 25 years old. The Spikenet can’t wait to see what the future holds for her. Who, in your opinion, is the best opposite in the world!?

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