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Perugia Remains UNDEFEATED and become WORLD CHAMPS

Sir Safety Susa Perugia extended their winning record to 20-0 after defeating Itas Trentino 3-1 in the FIVB Volleyball Club World Championship. This title puts the Block Devils as the sixth Italian team to claim the title, joining Trentino, Civitanova, Milano, Ravenna and Parma. Sada Cruzeiro defeated Minas 3-1 to claim the bronze medal.

Match Summary-

Trentino came out firing in the first set as they took it 25-20, which exposed Perugia's reception. Trentino recorded three ace serves on that first set. As a response Sir Safety Susa Perugia, brought in Oleh Plotnytskyi who, re-established Perugia's serve and pass and was a prescence at the net. He led Perugia with two blocks in the second set. Kamil Semeniuk would be subbed back on to the court at the end of the set as a serving substitution for Kamil Rychlicki taking serve-receive pressure off Wilfredo Leon. Perugia ended up winning the set, 25-23. After falling early on the set 6-3 in the third set, Perugia brought in Cuban opposite Jaime Herrera, who swang hard right off the gate. Herrera was key to Perugia's success in the 3rd set leading the team with 5 points. He recorded four kills and one block, but most importantly brought a lot of energy to a trailing Perugia. The block devils claimed the lead early in set number 4 as Plotnytski recorded two consecutive aces and left the score at 6-4. From there on, it became the Block Devils show. Perugia dominated Trentino and took the championship by winning the 4th set 25-19.

2022 FIVB World Club Volleyball Championship All-Star Team-

Best Setter: Simone Giannelli (Sir Safety Susa Perugia)

Best Opposite: Matey Kaziyski (Trentino Itas)

Best Outside Hitters: Alessandro Michieletto (Trentino Itas) and Wilfredo Leon (Sir Safety Susa Perugia)

Best Middle Blockers: Marko Podrascanin (Trentino Itas) and Flavio Gualberto (Sir Safety Susa Perugia)

Best Libero: Lukas ‘Lukinha’ de Deus (Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei)

MVP: Simone Giannelli (Sir Safety Susa Perugia)

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