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Sir Safety Perugia wins the 2023 Del Monte Supercoppa


Today Lube and Perugia faced off again in the Del Monte Supercoppa finals. The block devils claimed gold after defeating Lube in a 5-set thriller led by their main canon Wilfredo Leon who led the squad with 21 points. Granted, Cucine Lube had lost a lot of veteran players before the start of the season but gained players with lots of potential. Gabi Garcia held his own with 21 points alongside Mattia Bottolo, who started the match strongly and ended the game with 16 points.

Lube controlled the first set taking it 25-20 and dominating the block devils 16 attacks to 11. Perugia started dominating the second set, which forced Blengini to bring Marlon Yant in. Despite their efforts, Leon proved he was too much to handle, and Perugia took it 25-22. The third set was an epic back-and-forth between the two giants. Marlon Yant changed the game for Cucine Lube, and Gabi Garcia turned it on, scoring on almost every chance he had in the third set. Lube claimed it 25-23. Perugia fell at the start of the 4th set to a 0-5 deficit. A couple of errors later, the game tied at 10. Ivan Zaytsev made an appearance late in the fourth set and scored right off the bat to make 18-19. Nine errors shut down Lube's chances at taking the 22-25 set from Perugia.

The fifth set is a spectacle in every game. It gauges every team's desire to win it all. Lube was unable to bounce back or stop the Plotnytskyi/Leon duo. With the set 12-6 in favor of Perugia, Leon had a nasty fall which provoked him to leave the match. Perugia was able to hold off and dominate the set 15-8 to claim the first trophy of the 2022-2023 season. Will this be Sir Safety Perugia's year to win it all?

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