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The IVHF Induction Ceremony 2022

Holyoke, Massachusetts, stands as the birthplace of volleyball, and one weekend a year, it serves as the host to a night full of magic. Not only do stars shine bright in the sky, but also the volleyball world with a big bright smile. Legends from all over the world gather in this stunning location to receive recognition and have their legacies inscribed on the International Volleyball Hall of Fame's walls. Indoor, Outdoor, and beach players are highlighted for their achievements in and out of their playing grounds. The 36th Induction class received its call this year. In that list was: four-time beach Olympian and three-time gold medal winner Kerri Walsh Jennings (United States); all-time great indoor Brazilian Men’s and Women’s coach Bernardo “Bernardinho” Rezende (Brazil); founder and first president of World ParaVolley, Pieter Joon (Netherlands), who will become the first inductee in the ParaVolley category; four-time indoor Olympian and winner of two silver and two bronze medals, Samuele Papi (Italy); three-time indoor Olympian and bronze medal winner, Fernanda Venturini (Brazil); and former Technical Director of the Dutch Federation and FIVB Technical Committee member for 30 years, Peter Murphy (Netherlands), inducted as a leader.

The SpikeNet has been proudly trying to do this beautiful night justice by providing coverage and providing the fans an experience that could match witnessing this beautiful ceremony in person for 5 consecutive years. Words can't describe what the International Volleyball Hall of Fame achieved this past weekend. If you missed it, don't worry; to rewatch the induction visit

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