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Covering the P1440 Franklin Sports Collegiate Challenge

The P1440 Franklin Sports Collegiate Challenge took place in Tavares, Florida, over the past weekend. Some of the top East competitors competed in this event, which was held at Hickory Point, to show who was the best. Florida State University and Stetson ended up tied in the race for the best overall record in the competition. Stetson defeated Paige Kalkhoff and Raelyn White in the championship match, winning the individual pairs gold medal in two sets. Carolina Ferraris and Anete Namike successfully ended the competition. Their short-serve strategy worked.

It was great working with p1440! It's always fantastic to get to see and record these amazing displays of talent. This upcoming collegiate beach volleyball season will be one to watch for sure. These young athletes were honed in bettering their skills to be ready for it.

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